Matrimony sites marathi list some with facts of a successful and healthy marriage

Maratha shubh vivah believes there is an important distinction to be made between someone who reaches old age and someone who figures, "Hey, Im married now, I can stop trying." Of course, bodies and appearance change as we age, but the point here is to not become a giant lump on the couch just because you've gotten yourself a husband or wife. Dhangar matrimony believes that it is important we continue to live a healthy lifestyle. To eat right. To take care of the only body we have in this life. To show the man or woman you love that you will still put in effort for them and not become too comfortable.Just because you're in a long-term committed relationship does not mean that your partner deserves a lesser version of you. Matrimony sites marathi ask you to promise that you are there until the end.Scary, isn't it? The rest of your life. Death. Possible illness. Forever. Yes, it's scary.It scares the living daylights out of me, to be honest. Nobody wants to get old — ever. Watching at grandparents age and it kills everyone to think that we\'re all looking out into the same future.It\'s not romantic or glamorous or beautiful. And for them, they still have each other. But it is reality. It is love. It is commitment. And it is marriage.When you marry someone, though, you are making the promise that you will be crossing any bridges you reach together. You will do it whether you are walking side by side holding hands, or whether one of you is pushing the other in a wheelchair. Dhangar matrimony believes that you will cross each bridge you find along your journey with the quiet confidence that your partner is going to be stepping onto the other side with you