Marathi matrimony to help you show 5 SIGNS THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE

Falling in love is a vast umbrella where it is pretty difficult to nail down all the points as to what happens when one falls in love. Movies show us a very fairy tale definition of how it is to be in love with someone but to your surprise some of the things they show is actually the true side of the story. Check out these 5 signs to determine if you are in love.

1. Love is a drug

They say love is a drug, and the interesting truth is that it indeed is a drug. The researches have proved that when you are in love, the body releases the same euphoric harmones it does when taken drugs.

So the next time when you feel high on life while longing to see or meet a person, here\'s a sign that you are in love with them.

2. Caught you smiling

Getting lost in dreamland, playing some scenarios in your head and smiling; sounds dramatic, right? What if we say that is exactly what happens when you are in love.

It is very obvious that when you are in love with someone you tend to think more about that person and at times not only think about the facts or things that happened but also creating certain realistic or not so realistic scenarios and smiling about it involuntarily. Yes, you might not even realise when but you\'ll find yourself smiling while thinking about that person.

3. Is there a notification?

Today when the human species are addicted to their cell phones in general, how could this digital device be left alone when it could be a medium between you and your addiction (obviously the person you\'re falling for).

Studies show that people who are in love tend to check their phones a lot more often than those who are... not in love.

When you are in love, you tend to long for their messages and be more concerned about checking the notifications. So count the number of times when you check your phone in a day without actually receiving a notification. It crossed more than 4 times? Bingo! You are in love.

4. Do I look good?

This one point might seem pretty obvious but there is definitely more to it than just being concerned about looking good. Definitely most of us wants to look good in front of people, may it be the appearance or the personal image, people who are in love will be more concerned about how they look in order to portray a better version of themselves to the person they care about.

Now this look is a vast umbrella under which things like being concerned about your social media profile, your personal looks and your over all image.

5. \"this reminds me of...\"

That one person will always be on your mind and hence you are more likely to connect everything you encounter with one or the other memory or trait of that person.

It can be lyrics of a particular song or a particular phrase, place, date, time, food, clothes, perfume or any thing a person could possibly possess or be associated with, many a things will remind you of a particular person. And when any such thing happen, there you go, you\'ve fallen long before you realise.