10 Amazing Ideas to Entertain Guests at Your Wedding

Indian matrimony is the epitome of pomp and celebrations with friends and families. Matrimony is undoubtedly a lifelong bond of companionship between two individuals and their families. But what makes any Indian matrimony remarkable is the fun and enjoyment with guests on pre-wedding rituals. Every caste has its significant traditions, enjoyed by family members. To keep the fun quotient high on weddings, couples these days come up with various ideas for entertainment for guests. A matrimonial ceremony is cherished for life, and so it is important to spice up the traditional rituals with some awesome entertainment that remains memorable for your friends and family.

Here are some of the fun-filled entertainment ideas for weddings from Sundar Jodi, the most trusted matrimonial website in India,

  1. Wedding DJ:

DJ nights are the most common and enjoyed wedding entertainment. With some upbeat and trendy music, no guest would miss the opportunity to shake a leg on such a joyous occasion. Couples can make a specific playlist and hand it over to DJ or allow the guests to request the music from DJ. It is the best and easy way to celebrate your matrimony with people close to you by setting up a DJ.

  1. Firework Show:

How about a splendid firework show, soon after you complete your saat pheras? Sounds amazing, does it not? It is one of the easy, memorable, and magnificent highlights of the wedding that would be remembered for years. Fireworks are a great way to enhance the liveliness and add dramatic highlights to the wedding. However, it must be ensured that the safety measures are maintained in such an arrangement.

  1. Live Music Show:

Live music concerts are trendy if you wish to opt out of the conventional DJ party. It creates a sense of excitement and anticipation among guests to know that a live band or music night is waiting for them to enjoy. Although live music events might be expensive depending on the artist, it can be quite memorable to witness your favorite singer performing for your wedding. Couples can request a list of their favorite songs or arrange a theme for the event, such as a retro look or Bollywood style for more fun.

  1. Word Association or Compatibility Test:

Simple, fun, and free. Adding up the fun elements in your wedding with some interesting games is an awesome way to spend some lively moments with friends and family. Couples can make teams of bride and groom and play a fun and competitive round of compatibility tests. Families can play word association games to test their spontaneity, or they can choose the ever-favorite entertainment of Indian matrimony, Antakshri.

  1. Award Ceremony:

Now, this certainly is a surprise element in any matrimony function. Couples do not need a lot of expenditure or preparation to arrange this fun activity for the guests. They can simply make a list of categories such as Best Fashion Icon, Best Dancer, Best Comic Timing, Best Drama, etc., and choose the family members that deserve the title. You can ask any friend or relative to host this award ceremony with some gifts as their award. It would turn into a fun and creative event that your guests would greatly enjoy.

  1. Photo Booth:

Photos are the best way to capture the memorable moments of life. Your guests would definitely love to get their pictures on the joyous occasion of your wedding. A photo booth is a fantastic idea to click pictures with your friends and family by adding some creative props along. Couples can create an exclusive social media page and hashtag for their wedding and post all the pictures over there, requesting the guests to do the same.

  1. Karaoke Event:

If you think that DJ nights or live music is too common, then a karaoke event might be a fun idea to spend an evening singing and dancing. Arranging a karaoke stage for your guests to show off their vocal talents is just the perfect thing to make your wedding a memorable event in the long run. As a trusted matrimonial website in India, we can assure you that although some of the guests are hesitant to sing or dance in the company, the event would compel them to enjoy it and eventually be a success.

  1. Skit of your Love Story:

Every family has some members who are enthusiastic about acting and dancing. It is the best way to put that talent into use and prepare a skit of your love journey with songs and dance. Not only does it add fun and a vibe of celebrations to your wedding, but your guests enjoy being a participant in the events.

  1. Video of Family Members:

Both the bride and groom can have a sneak peek of their partner’s life so far and the experiences shared by their parents, relatives, and friends. Small clips of childhood and some significant moments of the couple’s life are enjoyed immensely by their family and friends and take them down memory lane.

  1. Make a Grand Entrance:

Indian matrimonials especially love the unique entry of bride and groom to their wedding mandap. In this case, couples and their near ones can think of many creative ideas for a spectacular entrance depending on different traditions of castes.

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