Advantages and Disadvantages of Horoscope Matching in Indian Matrimony

Indian matrimony is a grand, lavish affair that includes several rituals and traditions before and after the special day. Both the families come together for the joyous occasion of uniting two compatible souls in matrimony. Traditional Indian matrimony also includes matching of horoscopes of both the bride and groom before proceeding with marriage. Horoscope matching, also known as kundali matching in India, is a process in which the astrologer tallies the couple\\\'s compatibility according to stars. Traditionally, the priest or astrologer judges the horoscope based on five factors: 


  • Santa yoga, which predicts the likelihood of children
  • Sampat yoga, which predicts the fortune
  • Swasthya yoga, which predicts the health of the couple
  • Saubhagya yoga, which predicts mutual lifespan
  • Samaj yoga, which predicts the relationship with extended family and society


However, with the changing times, couples nowadays do not believe in horoscope matching to avoid uncertainties and decide to marry with the approval of their family. Yet, many families still follow the practice of horoscope matching in Indian matrimony to ensure compatibility.

But, is horoscope matching worth it? Should couples opt for it or avoid it? Well, like every other practice, horoscope matching has its advantages and disadvantages. The couples need to analyze them before concluding. As a trusted marriage bureau in India, Sundar Jodi lists down the primary pros and cons of matching the horoscope.


Advantages of Horoscope Matching:


Ensures Compatibility in Couples:


The individuals and their families wish to ensure the compatibility quotient between the couple before tying the knot. Horoscope matching is considered. Various factors are considered while assessing the horoscope of both individuals. It gives an approximate image of the harmony and understanding between the couples after the matrimony. It ensures the couple, particularly in arranged marriages, that the partner they seek is worthy to be their lifelong companion.


Traditions…. Check:


No matter how modern or liberal-minded we become, our traditions remain a part of our life. Our ancestors and parents have believed and followed horoscope matching due to some deep reasons behind them. By matching the horoscopes before entering matrimony, we not only appease our family, but we fulfill the long-held belief. It eliminates any doubts about the compatibility of the couple before uniting for a lifetime.


No More Anxieties:


Agree or disagree! The fact remains that matching horoscopes relieves you and especially your parents and relatives from the anxiety of your future matrimonial felicity. There is not any great trouble to match the horoscope for the sake of your family.


Disadvantages of Horoscope Matching:


It is not a foolproof way to ensure future happiness:


Let’s admit it! Matching horoscopes or being in love does not guarantee future happiness in matrimony. Although our elders have been firm believers of matching horoscopes, there have been many instances that those matches that were compatible with horoscopes have ended on a bad note. On the other hand, some couples are living happily together without any horoscope compatibility. In short, a horoscope match relieves our family of doubts, but it cannot guarantee harmony in matrimonial life.


It can be confusing:


Isn’t it an old saying that marriages are made in heaven? Then why do we need to match the horoscope to confirm that? Horoscope matching cannot make a match that isn\\\'t destined and similarly cannot reject a match made in heaven. It rather confuses the true motive of horoscope matching. While some of the gunas (qualities) match with your partner and some do not. It rather leaves you wondering about the compatibility of the match.


It impacts your future decision:


Once you match the horoscope, you expect that everything in matrimonial life to be perfect. Partners with belief in horoscopes do not put in their effort towards healthy and happy matrimony by assuming that their horoscopes prove they would be together through thick and thin. But that can cause a further rift in marriage if both partners are not trying to understand each other and depend solely on horoscopes. All they need to remember is that horoscope matching does not guarantee future happiness. It is up to the couple to make a marriage work.


It makes you insecure:


Now, this is the other side of the coin! While couples are negligent towards making a happy marriage, they may also blame the other due to some misfortune in their life. People start believing that the fortune or the misfortune of their partner has affected their life rather than thinking rationally. It may lead to arguments, insecurity, and a toxic marriage.




Matrimony is an important decision in an individual life that requires due consideration before making any decision. Horoscope matching is one of such considerations wherein you need to ask yourself whether you would feel more assured or more insecure with the tradition.

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