8 Relationship Advice for Newly Married Couple by Marathi Marriage Bureau

Every relationship faces some hardships that test its strength. Similarly, a matrimonial relationship requires trust and support from your partner to face every hurdle together as a pair. However, newly married couples need to understand their partners and be patient in the initial years of marriage to overcome the difficulties. The absence of trust, respect, and understanding in a matrimonial relationship can cause frequent problems and disagreements. With communication and understanding, the beginning phase of your marriage can lay a strong foundation for your future happiness. As a leading Marathi Marriage Bureau, here are 8 relationship advice for newly married couples from Sundar Jodi,


Communicate with Each Other:


It is very important to remember that honest communication is the key to every successful matrimonial relationship. The Marathi marriage bureau has observed that after the honeymoon period fades, the couple spend less time with each other. Although it is understandable that you have work priorities, you must divide your time between professional and personal life. It can be as simple as having dinner with family without any calls and work discussions or talking with your spouse about their day before sleeping. It encourages communication, and your partner feels more willing and comfortable to share their thoughts with you.


Accept Flaws:


No person can be perfect. Everyone has their faults and virtues. Therefore, it is essential to accept the faults of your partner and show kindness to their weaknesses. When you enter matrimony, you start noticing the desirable and undesirable qualities of your spouse. However, it depends on you to understand them and accept their drawbacks. It requires significant patience, understanding, and sometimes even sacrifices on your part. But, even you have your faults so you must ensure that your partner equally supports you with love and understanding.


Discuss Financial Aspects:


Gone are those days when males were the breadwinner and females looked after domestic chores and children. Nowadays, both men and women work and distribute household work between them. Therefore, the Marathi marriage bureau strongly suggests frankly discussing the household expenses and financial responsibilities with each other. Partners must divide the finance and encourage equality in every aspect.


Lean on Your Partner:


One of the best things in a matrimonial relationship is the presence of your spouse through thick and thin. The Marathi marriage bureau recommends that newly married couples should embrace the ideology of leaning on their life partner for support during challenging times. Not that it means to sacrifice your independence or to completely rely on their judgments but having them as your most trustworthy confidant. It strengthens the matrimonial bonds and develops trust and closeness between the newly married couple.


Express Gratitude:


It does not take long or much to say a simple Thank You to your spouse. Appreciating your partner’s gestures and thanking them goes a long way to ensure matrimonial harmony for future years. Rather than complaining about your partner’s habit, notice their positive aspects and thank them for it. Even a simple note or text saying Thank You or complimenting them can make them feel incredibly valued in the relationship.


Honeymoon-Period Ends at a Point:


Many couples get frustrated and upset with each other once they get back to reality and out of their honeymoon period. As a trusted Marathi marriage bureau, Sundar Jodi suggests that couples should prepare themselves to return to their routine and accommodate time for their spouse. True, the initial months of marriage are spent primarily with each other, but it is essential to remember that it won’t continue forever. At such times, both the partners should act rationally and try to divide the time between professional and personal life.


Be Independent Yet Help Each Other:


Ironic it may sound, but it is one of the important factors of a successful and happy matrimonial life. In simple words, although you should maintain your identity and do things you love, you must also help your partner when they fail to fulfill their responsibility. For instance, while you both may be working professionals and distribute the domestic chores, sometimes your spouse may be tired or obligated to complete some other work. In such situations, you can share their burden by helping them with their tasks.


Keep the Romance Quotient:


Amidst the chaos of life and several responsibilities, it is necessary to keep the romance in the relationship to share intimacy and love. Romantic gestures like candle-lit dinner or a relaxing walk through a park maintain the affection and romance between the couples that helps in getting closer to each other and it’s undeniably fun!




Marriage is a beautiful relationship that requires equal understanding and patience from both partners at the initial phase. By adopting some of the above habits, you can contribute your best in making a happy and successful marriage.


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