Conversations to have with your partner before entering matrimony

The decision of matrimony is one of the most significant steps in your life that needs sufficient consideration. As a matrimonial website, we endeavor to match the most compatible individuals with each other for a happy future. However, matchmaking does not simply end with compatibility or similarity of interests, likes, and dislikes. It is equally if not more essential to know the thoughts of your future partner on various important topics of life before tying your life with them. While some of the conversations may seem awkward, they are necessary to understand each other. Here are some of the vital conversations to have with your partner before you decide to marry.

Closeness with Parents:

It is important to understand that respecting your partner’s parents and being comfortable with them are two different concepts. Naturally, the way both the individuals have been brought up by their parents would reflect on their ideologies on bonding with parents, and consequently, with in-laws. If you are close to your parents or used to spending time with them occasionally and expect the same from your partner, then it is prudent to discuss and converse with them beforehand. Realizing that both of you follow different thoughts on parents can cause strife in your married life.

Equality in Marriage:

As a trusted matrimonial website, we suggest that you try to know your partner’s opinion on equality and express your stand in clear communication. Expecting equality in marriage and facing the contrary reality can be toxic for many matrimonial lives. Therefore, it is crucial to define each other’s ideas of equality and role in marriage before giving your nod to a relationship. If a woman prefers to only care about her household or a man hopes for an independent woman, then the best course of action is to communicate about the same to your partner before raising their hopes for a future.

Children and their Upbringing:

Parenting is an important stage in every married couple’s life and must be discussed before joining each other in matrimony. Do partners need to know their spouse’s opinions on when they should extend their family? It is also necessary to know their thoughts on the number of children and their upbringing. Parenthood is a serious responsibility that needs due consideration as well as the perspective of your better half that must be taken into account.

Importance of Intimacy:

Couples must realize that the honeymoon phase shall fade sooner or later and should not delude themselves that the intimacy level in the initial months of marriage shall remain the same. To prevent a cruel realization of reality, it is advisable by leading matrimonial websites to clarify the importance of intimacy. Try to know and understand how much priority is given to intimate activities by your partner. Such conversations would be undoubtedly uncomfortable for many but remain an important factor for marital felicity.

Your Partner’s Lifestyle and Finance Handling:

The initial months of matrimony are truly blissful for every newly married couple. But other responsibilities and stress soon bring them back to reality. Amid such a reality check, couples often find that the lifestyle and financial spending of their partners do not match with their own. Either they are too extravagant and spendthrift or too modest and spend miserly. Both the cases lead to confrontations and arguments daily that eventually cause a stir in marital harmony.

Future Goals and Ambitions:

You would surely not wish to be surprised on this point! To enter wedlock without knowing your partner’s ambitions and future goals can be the biggest mistake on your part. Before uniting in matrimony, it is advisable to shed light on your future goals to your partner and know their plans as well. It would be fruitful for marital felicity to be aware of each other’s dreams and support each other as much as possible.

Dealing with Arguments:

Arguments are inevitable in every married life, no matter whether the match is love or arranged. However, the manner of dealing with arguments is a vital factor to consider before marrying. Arguments should be best dealt with, by rational conversation and by trying to understand your partner’s perspective. One of the common pieces of advice given by relationship experts is that couples should not go to bed without clearing the misunderstandings or speaking out their reasons for the argument. It ensures that the couple can sleepover that topic and mostly resolve it by the next morning. Therefore, it is essential to observe how your partner reacts after an argument and if they make efforts for reconciliation.

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