10 Cool and Creative Ideas for Planning Marriage in a Hatke Style

Once the date of marriage is decided, things go haywire for the soon-to-be bride and groom. It is undeniable that matrimony planning is a tedious task that requires the attention of the couple in almost everything. Right from the attire, to the menu, guest list, décor, venue, entertainment, etc., the bride and groom try their utmost with wedding planners to get everything in control and perfection. Nowadays, couples prefer to add a magical touch to their marriage that would make it a memorable event for them as well as for the family and friends. The leading Marathi matrimonial website in Maharashtra, Sundar Jodi has listed down some ideas that would surely make your matrimony as ‘wedding of the year’

  1. Themed Pre-Wedding Party:

Regardless of a traditional wedding, a themed pre-wedding celebration can be the highlight of the most important stage of your life. It adds the factor of extra entertainment for you and your guests. Various pre-wedding events like pizza parties, movie nights, Bollywood nights, or Fairytale wonderland are the new rage among millennial couples these days. In any chosen theme, it is necessary to do it with a unique dress code, special décor, or a setup that complements the theme of the pre-wedding party.

  1. Customized Menu:

A customized menu is one of the best and quirky elements to add to matrimony events to make them more memorable. Choose the dishes you and your future spouse love and recommend and twist that dish with your name in it. Or it can be named with some family member’s name, who is a pro at making the dish. Imagine naming the dishes like ‘Chachi ke famous paneer tikka’ or ‘Mummy ka special Gajar ka Halwa.’ It adds fun and nostalgia for the guests and makes it exciting to discover the dishes preferred by family members.

  1. Quirky Photobooths:

Gone are those days when guests used to step up to the reception stage with presents or bouquets for couples and then click those typical fake-smiled pictures with them after congratulating them. These days, quirky photo booths and hashtags are in vogue when it comes to marriage albums. Marriage albums now include funky props instead of conventional floral wall background or an excessive lightning background. Guests can enjoy taking pictures with placards and to make the marriage popular by using a common hashtag for every picture.

  1. Unconventional Colors of Attire:

Let us take a moment to thank the people who decided to ditch that typical red or pastel-colored attire for every pre-wedding and wedding event. Like seriously, bright colors ruled the marriage events for decades and it is high time to get a change from it. If you are looking to stun the guests, consider doing it with a statement fashion choice or with some off-beat colors for your wedding functions that are a hot trend. Couples go bold with colors that match the wedding theme or mean something to them.

  1. Memorable Gifts for Guests:

Don’t you think that the best way to make your marriage memorable is with some special, customized gifts to guests? Some of the ideas to wow the guests with special gifts are artisanal chocolates, exotic dry fruits, or gift boxes with a handwritten message from the bride and groom. That would definitely make your marriage an unforgettable one for your family and friends.

  1. Flower Themed Haldi Ceremony:

How about showering the couple with some fragrant flowers at their haldi ceremony? Sounds cool right? It is one of the new trends loved by couples these days to include in events of matrimony. It adds the fun element of having floral haldi and brownie points for the resulting amazing pictures.

  1. Statement Cake for Bachelors Party:

Although there’s no stopping your friends from grooving to ‘Dil Chori’ or ‘Tareefan’ at the bachelor\\\'s party, there are ways to add more excitement to it. One such element is to have a statement cake to enjoy at the bachelor\\\'s party. Statement cakes can have messages about the single status of the couple as they cut it before entering to matrimony.

  1. Combination of Flower and Lights in Décor:

You read it right! Flowers and lights combined in the décor give an elegant and stylish look to the venue. From floral hanging decor to simple light wraparound, there are various ways to turn the marriage aisle into a grand venue and take the entire decor a notch higher.

  1. Heirlooms with Modern Attire:

Donning some unconventional attire for marriage and complementing it with traditional heirlooms is the new trend in marriages. It pays a tribute to the ancestors of the family and gives a regal look for matrimony. From pearls to jewels and even gold necklaces is an absolute attraction that you should not miss!

  1. Vidai with Vintage Cars:

The best way to exit the marriage is by hopping into a vintage car with your spouse. After all, it is one classy and memorable vidai that will surely be the highlight of the marriage.


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