Creative Ways to Propose Matrimony to Your Ideal Partner

Being one of the top matrimonial sites in India, it has been a delight to unite two compatible individuals in matrimony. It is truly wonderful to witness both partners falling in love after finding each other on matrimonial websites. Usually, after expressing interest and a few chats, the concerned individuals involve their family members for their approval. And if everything goes well! It’s time for wedding bells. But there must be a romantic proposal to make it a perfect and memorable moment throughout your life. So, if you have finally found your ideal better half and are planning to propose, here are some of the creative ways that shall stay as the most special moment for your partner.

Treasure Hunt Proposal:

If your partner loves thrill and suspense, it is the best way to ask that important question. Plan a treasure hunt; it could be as simple as booking an appointment in their preferred salon or boutique with handwritten notes or recorded messages. It would lead them to the final destination where you either ask them directly or, ask them to solve the final question that asks them to marry you. They would truly enjoy and appreciate your efforts to make it a perfect moment to ask for matrimony.

Outdoor Proposal:

If your partner loves adventurous hiking or a serene outdoor picnic, what could be a better way to pop the question? You could arrange a beautiful setting of flowers or lights for a private picnic outdoors. In such a romantic setting, you propose to them by bending on your knee and presenting them with the ring and the question that would change your life forever.

Proposal with Photoshoot:

Is your partner photogenic who loves to capture every moment of their life with selfies or pictures? If yes, the best way to propose them is to ask the assistance of photographers to capture each and every moment when you ask the question. In fact, including the aid of a photographer to click your proposal is a great idea for any proposal. Couples can look at the pictures after years and relive that special moment.

Dinner Proposal:

It is the best way to ask your partner for matrimony if he/she is a food lover. Imagine a romantic candle-lit dinner with your partner’s favorite dishes, and then one of the dishes consists of a ring or a note asking the question as you bend over your knee. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? In fact, some people hire a personal chef for such a special occasion. A proposal this special shall be remembered forever.

Proposing at Beach:

It does seem typical or a bit clichéd. But if your partner is a Bollywood fan, dreaming of a filmy proposal then, it is the perfect way to propose matrimony. You can take them for a walk on the beachside and ask them to marry you against a romantic beach background during sunset. 

Proposing through a Journal:

If your partner is an organized person that keeps a journal and notes down every event of their day, then accepting the proposal of matrimony is an important event to add to it. You can write down an event as ‘Answer (your name)…’ in their journal, which would surely pique their curiosity about the question that needs to be answered. It would be a great surprise yet memorable moment for them.

Create a Video of your Moments:

A creative and interesting way to propose would be to make a video that consists of all the images of you both that would take your partner through a memory lane. You could end the video with a cryptic message like ‘Would the Happily Ever After Be a Reality?’ and you could propose that exact point. It would be a cute and simple way to propose yet creative enough to be special.

Ask Family and Friends for Help:

If your partner loves their family or group of friends who approve of your marriage, you could ask for their assistance with the special question. When you are with their family or friends, they can carry a banner or message such as ‘Let\\\'s Include (your name) into the Family’ or ‘(your name) is the perfect life partner for you.’ It would matter a great deal to a person close to their family and friends to have their blessings and approval for the match.

So here are some of the creative ways to pop the question of matrimony to your perfect partner. At Sundar Jodi, we offer over 54000+ verified profiles from over 60 castes all over India. Being a top matrimonial site, we take every effort to find the most-suited profiles that match your expectations and preferences.

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