Age-Old Believes You Must Know Before Your Marathi Vivah

Indian matrimony is known for its lavish celebrations and extravagant arrangements by inviting extended family and friends. However, Marathi matrimony is slightly exceptional in terms of celebrating marriage as well as their traditions. To begin with, Marathi Matrimony is celebrated in a traditional and intimate manner without excess pomp. But what makes it all the more interesting is the age-old beliefs or superstitions that are followed for a typical Marathi Vivah. The beliefs reflect the core Marathi values to ensure happiness and harmony in the newly-married couple’s lives. As a leading Marathi marriage bureau, we have listed down some interesting beliefs for you!

  • Rain on the Day of Marriage is Good Luck:

Who would wish for rain to spoil their wedding day with muddy venues and the challenge of handling the attire? But Marathi Vivah welcomes and rejoices for rain on their special day. You are wondering why? It is due to rain that is believed to be auspicious and a sign of fertility, prosperity, and success in the newly-married couple’s life. Call it a blessing from almighty but Marathi matrimony counts rainfall in marriages as a good omen.

  • Keep a Distance from Each Other till Marriage:

While the period between engagement and marriage is one of the most memorable phases in anyone’s life, the traditional Marathi matrimony suggests that the bride and groom should not see each other until the day of marriage as it is considered unlucky to see the face of the other. In fact, they face each other only after the removal of the Antarpat (curtain) on the day of marriage. It is an ancient ritual that is followed till today that forbids the couple to meet and see each other before marriage.

  • Spilling of Milk:

In various Indian cultures, the spilling of milk before or just after any auspicious event is usually considered as unfortunate. The same is the case with Marathi matrimony, and the families on both sides take extreme care during the wedding days and festivities to ensure that no milk is spilled at home to avoid any bad omen. 

  • Carry Sharp Object to Protect from Evil Eye:

It may seem irrational or illogical, but traditional Marathi Vivah considers carrying a sharp object as an ideal solution to prevent the evil eye or buri nazar. In fact, Marathi matrimony believes in carrying the object from the time of their engagement until the marriage vows are taken, and marriage is sanctioned.

  • Darker Shade of Mehndi Signifies Deep Love in the Bride’s Life:

According to many Indian cultures, the color of the mehndi applied on the bride\\\'s hands and legs indicate the love she would receive from her spouse and in-laws. So, if your mehndi shade is darker in color, you would receive a greater share of love from your husband and in-laws.

  • Observe the Full Moon Before Marriage:

According to Marathi values, if you observe a full moon, as in fasting on a full moon before your marriage, it would surely bring good fortune in your married life. It is believed to bring luck, harmony, and happiness to Marathi matrimony.

  • Showering Rice at Married Couple:

Have you ever been curious as to why Marathi Vivah showers couples with rice at different wedding rituals? Rice is considered a symbol of Goddess Laxmi, considered to be the goddess of fortune and prosperity. Couples are showered with rice to bless them for a happy and prosperous married life and protection against all evils.

  • Enter with Right Foot First:

In Marathi matrimony, as the bride enters her new home with the Grihapravesh ritual, she is expected to step into the house with her right foot. That is because entering with the left foot is considered to be unlucky. As the bride reaches the threshold, she pushes or slightly kicks the Kalash(a pot filled with rice) with her right foot and then steps into her home. The ritual implies the entry of Laxmi into the household that will bring luck and prosperity in her husband’s and in-laws\\\' lives.


Marathi Vivah includes various unique and traditional rituals that carry significance for the happiness and harmony of the newly-married couple. Sundar Jodi is a leading Marathi marriage bureau in Maharashtra with more than 56,000 verified profiles from 600+ castes in India. We aid in finding your perfect life partner by ensuring complete data privacy and security, unlimited chat, various membership plan options, personalized services, etc.

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