Common Arguments Couples Have While Planning their Marriage

Planning your marriage is one of the most exciting and fun activities in a couple’s life. After all, they decide various aspects of the most special day of their life together. Indeed! To plan about your matrimony requires both the partner\'s contributions and efforts in ensuring perfection to meet your tastes and preferences. But the flip side of the coin is that matrimony planning brings various arguments and a clash of opinions between both the partners that may make you realize a different side of matrimony and your partner’s mindset. No matter how compatible you are, these classic arguments are inevitable in the lives of soon-to-be-married couples. As a leading matrimonial website in Maharashtra, Sundar Jodi has listed down some of the common arguments while planning a marriage to prepare you for the unavoidable.

  • Different Thoughts on Wedding Theme:

Marriages these days reflect your personality and tastes to your friends and families. Gone are those days when the elders used to supervise the arrangement of your typical traditional marriage. Nowadays, couples select the theme of their wedding among multiple options. And therein lies the problem! Too many alternatives result in confusion, stress, and disagreements. You might prefer a royal theme for your matrimony, but your partner is interested in a vintage theme. Both the partners need to be calm-headed before deciding the wedding theme.

  • Respecting your Parents and In-Laws Opinions:

You would secretly agree that although the opinions and ideas of your parents and in-laws are well-meant, they are sometimes simply ridiculous. And amidst the stress of the marriage, you try your best to resonate without really executing their plans. True, they are trying to help, which is admirable, but you seriously do not intend to wear the similar gaudy attire that some relatives wore at their wedding if that does not meet your preference on your day of marriage.

  • Equal Sharing of the Planning:

Of course, you decide to share the marriage planning equally with your partner. You both even make a list of responsibilities and prepare yourself to help each other as much as possible… Until you realize it does not happen for real! And you find yourself doing the majority of the work while your partner is busy with some last moment office work. Or you are at the receiving end of your partner’s complaints. In either case, it is essential to invest time and effort to plan the most special day of your life… At least give your best try to it!

  • Deciding the Budget:

Since we are discussing an Indian wedding, how can we forget the most important decision in planning a marriage? Yes, we mean the budget and whether it would be shared by both the families or only by the bride’s family. Earlier, even considering sharing the budget between families was unimaginable. However, the present generation believes that the expenditure of the marriage should be shared equally. But, it brings a new disagreement of the budget limit for the matrimony, and the real task is to remain within the decided limit.

  • What about the Entertainment?

Should a DJ Night be fun or a traditional Sangeet? Or would it be better to keep it flexible and let the guests enjoy themselves with singing, dancing, and games? Such questions are more often than not the cause for disagreements between couples. Deciding the entertainment can also be discussed with family members to get more ideas rather than arguing with each other.

  • It Doesn’t Matter… It Does:

Seriously, it is your marriage, and you will be tied with someone in the union of matrimony. Replying “I don’t care” or “It doesn’t matter” does not work. And if you get such replies from your partner, you have earned the right to be frustrated. While you may not have any opinion on your partner’s jewelry or the flower arrangement of your reception, it is simply not the reply to give your partner unless you wish to invite arguments days before your marriage.

  • Whether to follow the traditions or not?

The most common dilemma of every Indian marriage is deciding between following particular traditions or not. Your parents and family would surely expect you to follow the culture, but you may not like the idea behind some age-old beliefs. It may add to your difficulties if your partner does not share your thoughts on this point. Therefore, it is important to discuss it beforehand with your partner before things get messier between both of you.

  • The Guest List:

Last, but not least is the issue of the guest list. It is challenging to decide whom to invite for your marriage, but things get difficult if you prefer an intimate guest list while your partner is set on a big fat wedding by preparing an extended guest list. In such cases, communication and compromise solve the conflict arising from the infamous guest list.

That’s Not an End… It’s the Beginning:

If you think that these arguments would end once you have entered the state of matrimony, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, it is just the beginning of innumerable conflicts and disagreements. But let’s not forget the beautiful relationship you will establish with someone that would support and cherish you throughout your lives.

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