The difference between Love Before and After Matrimony

Any strong and close relationship is based on the foundation of trust and love. Matrimony is no different, which requires patience, understanding, and communication, along with trust and love. Everyone must have heard that love gives meaning to life, which is indeed true. But it is important to remember that although love is essential for a relationship, it is tested throughout any relationship and requires efforts from the individuals involved to face the hardships. At present, people prefer love marriages over arranged marriages. With the emergence of matrimonial websites in India, couples prefer to date each other before deciding on matrimony. And while the feeling of love remains after marriage, couples notice differences in expressing love before and after matrimony.

  • Arguments: 

Arguments are inevitable in every relationship. When you are in love with a person before tying the knot, you respond to arguments in a completely different manner. In such situations, many couples decide to cool down and they either apologize or break the relationship. However, matrimony requires patience and maturity to deal with arguments because even though breaking a marriage is possible, it is not the easy or best alternative.

  • Family:

As soon as a couple is tied in the bond of matrimony, they unite two families together with their relationship and are responsible to maintain harmony between both the families. But such familial bonding is not required when there are no plans of matrimony. Accepting and adjusting with the new family is an essential factor of a happy marriage.

  • Planning for Future:

The future is uncertain for any relationship. The difference between planning the future before and after marriage is the uncertainty of planning the future together. Married couples plan about their future, such as raising a family or investments. However, before matrimony, such decisions are taken independently.

  • Couples witness the worse of each other:

It is an unsaid truth that before matrimony, falling in love is just too glamorous. The weekend dates and sweet text messages are a routine. But, after marriage, partners see each other in their worst looks like their morning face, tangled hair, anger, sadness, anxiety, and so much. Love after marriage is all about loving the partner for the way they are.

  • Responsibilities: 

Before matrimony, couples share only a few responsibilities. The decisions are not the other’s concern if the matrimony is not included in the future. On the other hand, a married couple shares responsibilities with finance, planning, parenting, etc. Therefore, their love needs to be strong enough after matrimony to bear the disputes and disagreements for a peaceful and happy relationship.

  • Carelessness:

In the initial stages of a relationship, the couples are on their best behavior by taking special efforts at looking good, being polite, and trying to hide their vulnerability. But love changes after marriage as couples become more comfortable in their natural state. They do not need to woo or impress their partner any longer. They revert to their natural self, and although such comfort level is great, with less effort in a relationship fade the attraction. Therefore, one must always add spontaneity in matrimony before it turns into dullness.

  • More secured feelings:

Matrimony is a commitment that brings a certain sense of security. Although it is not an assurance that the relationship would last, it is difficult to break a marriage as compared to breaking a relationship. Therefore, love after marriage includes surety and the promise of a long-term association. A strong relationship can lead to contentment and happiness.

  • Change in expectations

A relationship before and after marriage faces various changes in expectations. The major difference between love before marriage and love after marriage is in expectations. When in love, the partner becomes the center of your universe and people place more expectations on themselves than their partner. Once married, the burden of fulfilling the expectations is shared by both partners. People usually expect their partners to adjust and mingle as they believe that they knew them entirely before the marriage. However, it is important to remember that expectations are faced by both, and they must share them as a pair.

  • Strong and Mature Love:

People usually notice the special qualities and talents of their partner before marriage. Marriage teaches couples to pay attention to the smaller aspects of the other’s personality and the tiny details that escaped before. Couples may not like everything that they witness, but they learn to appreciate the smaller points, understand them better and learn to accept and love their flaws.


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