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Marathi matrimony believes that marriage is a commitment between a woman and a man. Marathi Vivah Mandal plays an essential role in strongly connecting two people with love, support, tolerance, and harmony. For any social being, living alone is possible; however, as the years go by, the person\\\'s life is somewhat filled with loneliness and despair. Regardless of a person\\\'s belief in remaining single and independent throughout their lives, there comes a point in life when you need someone by your side. You need to let them know your thoughts and feelings, to share your joy and sorrow, and you need a shoulder to lean on during difficult times and have their support.

Marathi matrimony website supports the fact that to avoid such despair, and for a lifetime of companionship, every social being gets into the institution of marriage.

The decision of marriage in any one\\\'s life is undoubtedly a significant task. In marriage, one chooses to live the whole life with one person. When two people decide to get married, they dream of having a lovely and happy family, raising their children together in the future, and dedicating their life to each other. The couple joined in matrimony, promising to keep their love alive till their last breath. It is indeed, our circle of existence.


When a woman marries, she begins a new life in more than one way. She leaves her home, her surname, her parents, and in short, her old life back and starts a new journey with her husband and in-laws. Naturally, she needs time to get adjusted to her new life and new home. At this time, it falls to the husband to make her feel respected and loved. Her new family needs to understand that she is in a completely new family. Be patient and kind. Tell her about the traditions, rituals, new family members, the likes and dislikes of the family, etc.

Not only this, ask her about her family\\\'s ritual and tradition, about her life before marriage, about her friends and family. Try to include any tradition or food habits of her family. It would do wonders to make her feel at home and open up about sharing her thoughts in her new home.


When it comes to a man, it is an age-old belief that he marries and brings his bride home and stays happily with her, but that is not an exact image. After marrying, there are a thousand things that a groom considers. One of them is to make sure that his wife is happy with her new life and new family. It matters a great deal to him to ensure that his bride feels welcomed and accepted by his family.

Another thing is about balancing his relationship and time with his family, friends, and wife. In circumstances when a new bride and family or friends are at odds, it falls upon the groom to be the peacemaker and support the right side without offending the others.


Therefore, after a marriage, communication, honesty, understanding, and a feeling of equality are very important to ensure the future felicity of the marriage. Both men and women need to talk to each other, understand their perspectives, ensure each other\\\'s happiness, spend quality time with each other, appreciate the other\\\'s quality, and most importantly, respect and communicate with each other.


Marriage assembles to:

Long-lasting bond :

Marathi Vivah Mandal believes that marriage is the durable connection between man and woman. And this bond is expected to last beyond all boundaries.


Social Solidarity :

Marriage is not only a union of two individuals but also of two families. By marrying; they embark on a new journey in life that is important for the functioning of the entire society.


Contributes to emotional aspects:

Marriage contributes to emotional aspects like love, respect, understanding.

Marriage is not about changing your mate; Instead, it is about loving your partner for his or her beliefs. In a marriage, husband and wife need to invest their time and trust each other to strengthen their relationship. Having good feelings about each other increases their desire and helps to motivate the intimate relationship. Relationships between married couples get better when they start respecting each other, communicating, loving and caring, truthfulness, forgetting each other’s shortcomings.



The early days of marriage are crucial to strengthening future happiness and compatibility with each other. Make a daily routine of spending time with each other. Go for morning walks together, share your tea or coffee time and discuss your day, keep work aside during dinners, go out on weekends, and so on.

To love your partner means to accept them with their strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect or without their share of faults in character. Therefore, in a marriage, one has to accept the other with their desirable as well as undesirable qualities.

Therefore, the Marathi matrimony website is the perfect platform where you can find your life partner. We can also call it \\\'vadhu var suchak kendra\\\'