Arrange Marriage Dating Tips for Online Matrimony

With the ever-increasing technology and independence of thoughts, millennials decide to spend their life as per their choice. Gone are those days when a family priest or mutual relative would recommend a potential bride or groom for marriage. Nowadays, people decide to find their life partner through online platforms like Sundar Jodi, the leading Marathi matrimonial website in Pune. But once they decide on a partner, what should be the next step? Naturally, you go on a date! It is the perfect moment to meet and know each other personally. But many times, such a date can take an awkward turn. To avoid it, here are some of the tips to follow on your first arrange marriage date,

  • Dress Properly:

No one is expecting you to dress up like some celebrity at a gala, but be sure to look presentable and elegant at your first meeting. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression, and so the person would be noticing your attire before your manners or conversations.

  • Ensure Comfortable Atmosphere:

The first meetings can make anyone nervous and anxious. Imagine the awkwardness if all the relatives are staring and smirking at you the moment you start conversing. Therefore, the Marathi marriage bureau advises you to meet at a neutral and comfortable place like a comfortable café or a nice restaurant for your first meeting.

  • Don’t be too formal:

Remember that you are not sitting for a job interview. When meeting your future partner for the first time, it is important to break the ice by conversing casually and gradually moving to serious things like their opinions, ideologies, hobbies, etc. It is important to remember that you do not speak curtly and formally because it makes you look aloof and standoffish.

  • Ask their opinion on marriage:

The first date is not only about ‘Aapki hobbies kya hai?’ even though it is an important question. Although you initially start communicating about the other’s hobbies, likes, goals, etc., it is necessary to gradually turn the conversation to their thoughts and ideologies on marriage before taking any serious decision.

  • Discuss about your family:

Yes, you read that right! It might not seem like a great topic for your first date, but you are planning to get married to another person. They should know how important family is and what their happiness is to you and you must be aware of their opinions on the same. Remember, arranged marriage is more about family ties than just two individuals entering into marriage. Having a family-related talk will definitely help build a rapport with each other.

  • Be Courteous:

It is charming to pull the chair for the lady when she arrives or thank the gentlemen for the chivalry when meeting for the first time. Such things might not seem important, but it creates an impression on the other person. However, it is necessary to mind that being overly gallant might seem artificial.

  • Be Natural and Approachable:

Stay as your natural self by being polite just the way you would be rather than being pretentious. Often, people appear way too affable at the first meeting, and when eventually their normal nature comes out, it appears as a rude surprise to their partner once they tie the knot. So stay normal and natural. Not to mention smile wherever appropriate without appearing creepy.

  • Be Observant:

It is about marriage after all! Therefore, you must be observant of any subtle body language moves your prospective partner is making. Look if they hesitate while speaking on any topic or appear uncomfortable at any point. It might offer a perspective of their character and thoughts.

  • Manners:

One of the most important things that a person observes about their potential partner is their manners. If you are rude to the waiters or criticize the looks of the other person, it would make your partner feel less inclined to continue the meeting.

  • Compliment v/s Creepiness:

Commenting about your partner\\\'s pretty smile or eyes is sweet but discussing your hopes for honeymoon plans on first meeting is downright creepy that can make the other person uncomfortable. So, ensure that you do not cross that fine line by overly complimenting the other.

  • Ask about the next date:

By the end of the date, you can figure out if you would like to continue this further. If you feel the relationship is not suitable for you, end things by saying ‘it was nice to meet you, and wish you good luck for the future.’ But if you have a serious intention about the person, ask them politely if they would like to meet again for a date?


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