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As we also know marriage is a commitment between a woman and a man. It strongly connects two people with love, support, tolerance and harmony. For any social being, living alone is possible but the person\'s life is somewhere filled with despair. To avoid such despair, every social being gets into the institution of marriage. 

The decision of marriage in one\'s life is undoubtedly an important and significant task. In marriage one choose to live the whole life with one person. When two people decide to get married, they actually dream of having a lovely and happy family, raising their children together in future and dedicating their life to each other. The couple in a marriage promise to keep their love alive till their last breath. This is our circle of existence.

Marriage assembles to:

Long lasting bond :

Marriage is the durable connection between man and woman. And this bond is expected to last beyond all boundaries. 

Social Solidarity :

Marriage not only connects two people with one another but also two family, which is important for the functioning of the entire society. 

Contributes to emotional aspects:

Marriage contributes to emotional aspects like love, respect, and understanding. 

      Marriage is not about changing your mate instead, it is about loving your partner for his or her beliefs. In a marriage, husband and wife need to invest in each other to strengthen their relationship. Having good feelings about each other increases their desire and helps to motivate the intimate relationship. Relationship between married couple betters when they start respecting each other, communicating, loving and caring, truthfulness, forgetting each other’s shortcomings. 

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