Wedding Attires

Wedding Attires

The most important and significant part of any wedding are the Attires. Each culture has their own significant way of dressing. The Maharashtrian grooms wear beige or white kurta paired with white Kanche or Dhoti with thin border. They put a red or golden coloured decorative piece of cloth on their shoulder and may wear a turban known as Pheta or a white gandhi style cap.

 The bride wears beautiful silk Navari in the traditional Maharashtrian trouser style with the preferred colour combination of Red and Marigold color with green or purple border. The measurement can be from 6 yards Paithani to a 9 yards Nauvari Sarees. The significant jewelleries consist of green bangles, mangalsutra with two empty cups in the center, armlets and a typical moon shaped bindi.

 Not to forget thr unisex Mundavalya wore by both bride and groom. 

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