The best matrimonial site in India explains you the myth of marriage

There were stories of marriage as challenge, as joy, as confusion. (Share your story of marriage on the best Indian matrimony sites) Marriage is Forever. This beloved myth is held by many. Let\'s not mess with the forever thing, but for the sake of transparency, let’s fess up to the weird beliefs we’ve subscribed to, consciously or subconsciously, when it comes to commitment. Now talking about commitment, when you choose your mate on the best matrimony site in India, the main aim of this sites is ensuring a strong commitment among the two individuals. Most folks don\'t marry with an expectation of less than forever. Did you know that? If you’re looking to transform, to connect with your highest self, to awaken to your true purpose, then life will break you down. So in marriage, we have an opportunity to get rid of all our non-biodegradable matter. It\'s the role of marriage to expose the rules we harbor about marriage. Any hard and fast rule you hold about life or love or family or Forever, any fixed idea, is considered non-biodegradable and thus up for re-evaluation. In marriage, we want to learn how to compost everything -  the scraps, the trash, the rotten parts. Making art out of our inevitable garbage is a more realistic measure of life and ultimately of self. But what do we mean when we say forever? Most of us technically mean for a lifetime, not forever. And how long is a life? Let\'s shoot long and say 100 years. The idea of committing to someone Till death do us part can seem incredibly stifling. Commitment can imply a lack of autonomy. But it can also be a natural result of lifelong devotion. If the idea of Forever makes you claustrophobic, listen up. You can commit to sharing your life with someone without having subscribing to Forever. But don’t miss out on unpacking what Forever means to you. Till death do us part actually means for the rest of your life. And what we\'re talking about is a daily practice, not a length of time. In my opinion, Forever can be a distraction from what marriage means. The heart of marriage—the reason that after you and your partner have fallen madly in love, after you’ve been through the best and worst, after you’ve already made your commitment to each other, that then you still go meet the parents and plan the wedding and create the ceremony and gather your loved ones. Why? So that you can declare in a formal way how you will love them. Marriage isn’t forever. It’s for now. Thousands and thousands of now. Sometimes we choose love. Sometimes we choose anger or blame or resentment. Sometimes we pull away and choose \"I\" instead of \"us.\" But then we remember the vow and we come back. And that’s the whole point. Marriage is the vow to return. This what the best Indian matrimony sites or the best matrimonial site in India defines marriage as a vow, now it\'s your take to redefine it to forever or now.