Vadhu var maratha state marriage to be the union of two great forgiver

In the times, when the institution of marriage is constantly being called outdated and redundant, those of us who still swear by the institution feel outnumbered. When you are emotionally fulfilled you go out of your way to do things for each other. Surprisingly even when you are upset and can’t stand each other’s faces, you still go out of your way to do things because deep down you care despite the anger and the hurt. Sometimes you wouldn’t even admit the caring to yourself, as mad as you are. As long as there is mutual respect and love, things eventually do fall in place, even when they plumb to the deepest depths. Yes, you claw your way back from hating the man/woman, wondering why you got married in the first place and wondering if you made the right choice to love them all over again and wanting to share their bed, heart and life. Oh yes, it happens to all of us. We have ugly spats and hate each other’s guts. The rollercoaster does get crazy sometimes. But the troughs do not mean that the peaks will never happen again. That is just how a normal marriage is. The good, the bad, the ugly all co-exist peacefully. And they exist peacefully because both the partners make the effort. Somewhere in their hearts, they want to be a part of each other’s lives and they are willing to make it work together. This is not to say that those who are not married are not happy. It is just to say that marriage is not that bad a beast as it is projected to be. Vadhu var maratha, the vadhu var suchak say that it is a blessing to find a partner who cares for you, respects you and goes out of his/her way to do things for you. Therefore, vadhu var maratha which is a vadhu var suchak state that marriage is a sum total of beautiful and trying moments woven together with tears and smiles.