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It is rightly said that matches are made in heaven, but they definitely share their journey here together. The rendezvous among two families leads to the beautiful path of joy and contentment for the couple. And in this era, it is the internet which serves the purpose of all. No more nuisance ought to ...

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Falling in love is a vast umbrella where it is pretty difficult to nail down all the points as to what happens when one falls in love. Movies show us a very fairy tale definition of how it is to be in love with someone but to your surprise some of the things they ...

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Marriage is an auspicious bond of two people and  as accustomed in india this bond is between two families. Marriages in india are big fat events and are like lifetime experiences for many

 These unforgettable memories are the ones which people cherish forever. It is said that matches are made in ...

Post Wedding Rituals

Post Wedding Rituals

The further rituals and functions are organised at the groom\'s house in the welcome of the bride.

 The Grihapravesh is the first ritual namely meaning entering the house. The groom\'s mother washes ...

Wedding Rituals

Wedding Rituals

The rituals consist of a series of worshiping different gods one by one starting with Ganesha preceded by the promise rituals by the parents and the new couple while being tied in the bond of lives. 

Wedding Attires

Wedding Attires

The most important and significant part of any wedding are the Attires. Each culture has their own significant way of dressing. The Maharashtrian grooms wear beige or white kurta paired with white Kanche or Dhoti with thin border. They put a red or golden ...

Kelvan & Blessings


This is the time to worship the Kuldevta . This custom is done a few days before the marriage from where the official function of marriage begins.



Preparations & Wedding Invitations


The preparations for wedding is started after the engagement, like in all the other cultures, but what makes the marathi wedding stand out is the celebrations of these preparations, Muhurt Karane. Most of these customs are performed by the married women as they give their ...



The Laganach Bedior, basically meaning the ritual of auspicious time where the Patrikas of the bride and the groom is matched and an auspicious time and date of the marriage is decided consulting the priest is the first step towards arranging a wedding in Marathi culture.