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5 Signs that Indicates You Have Found Your Perfect Partner for Marriage

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Marriage is a vital stage in every person’s life that requires careful consideration before deciding on your life partner. With a trusted marriage bureau like Sundar Jodi, it has become easier to find your ideal match with various profiles from different walks of life that ...

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Bridal Attire and Jewelry for a Cultural Marathi Vivah

Maharashtrian weddings are the epitome of culture, tradition, and fun. The religious beliefs and values are deeply rooted in the community and reflected in their wedding traditions and attire. Traditional wedding dress is of great significance in Marathi matrimony. Over the years, with many changes taking place in the lifestyle and ideologies of the ...

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Why Join Sundarjodi, the leading Marathi matrimony website?

Marriage is an event of paramount importance in a person\'s life, and so is SundarJodi, when it comes to matrimony. Sundarjodi is one of the safe and perfect free Marathi matrimonial sites for anywhere in Maharashtra. With over 18000+ ...


Importance of Mangalsutra and Sindoor in a Hindu Marriage | What do they imply? Know from Indian matrimonial website

India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions that make it a unique nation living in peace and harmony. Among its various festivals and communities, one of the most celebrated institutions in India is marriage. As matrimonial websites in India correctly ...

Matrimony can either be love or arrange marriage, but one cannot deny the importance of marriage.

Best Marriage sites in India, lays down for you the basic importance of marriage

In ancient times, people used to see marriage as a necessity and not a choice. Marrying after a certain age was mandatory. For this reason, we also know about the concept of child marriage, a social evil that crushed childhood ...

Best matrimony site in India

11 Best Locations for a Destination Wedding in India

Matrimony is a lavish affair in India that couples wish to be a memorable one for every guest. In the urban cities where both the individuals work and are well do-to prefer to have a destination wedding in some exotic locations. It serves the dual purpose of a wedding along with holiday-sort for all ...

Best Matrimonial sites in India
Matrimonial sites in India

After matrimony advice: Top 5 happy marriage tips

Matrimony is not just a function; it is a bond between two souls. Not only do two people get connected, but also the families join after marriage. This addition of family members also adds several responsibilities. To both husband and wife, it is ...

Arrange Marriages in Indian Matrimonial | History, Development, and Current Scenario

Indian matrimonial is one of the most celebrated institutions in the world. The pomp and traditions of Hindu marriages are well known globally. Marriages in India are mostly arranged, by families and relatives within their ...

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After marriage advice: Top 5 happy marriage tips

Marriage is not just a function in fact it is a bond between two souls. Not only two people get connected but also the families are joined after marriage. This addition of family members also adds several responsibilities. To both husband and wife, it is important to understand the new responsibilities and equally share them. Marriage ...