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Common Arguments Couples Have During the First Year of Matrimony.

Matrimony is a sacred relationship shared between husband and wife once they exchange their vows to support each other throughout their lives. Although couples wish and expect a fairytale love life, in reality, they face both ups and downs. Arguments are inevitable in every married life. Many couples try their best to ...

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8 Relationship Advice for Newly Married Couple by Marathi Marriage Bureau

Every relationship faces some hardships that test its strength. Similarly, a matrimonial relationship requires trust and support from your partner to face every hurdle together as a pair. However, newly married couples need to understand their partners and be patient in the initial years of marriage to overcome the difficulties. The absence of trust, ...


Appreciating your Partner for a Happy Matrimonial Life

Every matrimonial life faces its share of ups and downs, which is inevitable. What matters in such situations is how the couples deal with them? Do you start the blame game with each other or resolve the issue by rational conversations? In fact, the relationship of matrimony requires appreciation and gratitude towards ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Horoscope Matching in Indian Matrimony

Indian matrimony is a grand, lavish affair that includes several rituals and traditions before and after the special day. Both the families come together for the joyous occasion of uniting two compatible souls in matrimony. Traditional Indian matrimony also includes matching of horoscopes of both the bride and groom before proceeding with marriage. Horoscope ...

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10 Amazing Ideas to Entertain Guests at Your Wedding

Indian matrimony is the epitome of pomp and celebrations with friends and families. Matrimony is undoubtedly a lifelong bond of companionship between two individuals and their families. But what makes any Indian matrimony remarkable is the fun and enjoyment with guests on pre-wedding rituals. Every caste has its significant traditions, enjoyed by ...

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5 Signs that Indicates You Have Found Your Perfect Partner for Marriage

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Marriage is a vital stage in every person’s life that requires careful consideration before deciding on your life partner. With a trusted marriage bureau like Sundar Jodi, it has become easier to find your ideal match with various profiles from different walks of life that ...

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Bridal Attire and Jewelry for a Cultural Marathi Vivah

Maharashtrian weddings are the epitome of culture, tradition, and fun. The religious beliefs and values are deeply rooted in the community and reflected in their wedding traditions and attire. Traditional wedding dress is of great significance in Marathi matrimony. Over the years, with many changes taking place in the lifestyle and ideologies of the ...

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Why Join Sundarjodi, the leading Marathi matrimony website?

Marriage is an event of paramount importance in a person\'s life, and so is SundarJodi, when it comes to matrimony. Sundarjodi is one of the safe and perfect free Marathi matrimonial sites for anywhere in Maharashtra. With over 18000+ ...